Knife making is our passion, it keeps us inspired to seek new challenges and to master our craft. To make our work useful for others, we decided to focus on the production of kitchen knives and we set up KŁOSY workshop.

To achieve the best quality of our products, we manufacture in short series and base the production process on handwork of our specialized craftsmen. In the production of KŁOSY knives we use high carbon tool steel and carefully selected wood pieces with unique textures.

Every chef has its own preferences when it comes to different types of knives. To respond to that, in every series some new types of knives dedicated to specific purposes will be added (boning knives, cleavers, bread knives…). Each of our knives is carefully designed in a specific way to fit into a consistent knife set, allowing to gradually build your own custom kitchen tool kit.

At the back of the handle, every knife holds the information about the year of production, serial number and the initials of a craftsman who made your blade.