Every knife, under normal conditions of use, slowly gets blunt, no matter how careful we are and irrespective of the material used to make the blade. Therefore, every chef should equip himself with sharpening tools for everyday care, which should provide the full performance of the knife for a long time.

From time to time, it is advisable to “refresh” your cutting edge angle, which is easily lost once a knife has been sharpened manually multiple times. It may be even impossible to sharpen it again without proper tools. If you notice that you are not able to get your knife back to brand new sharpness, it is good to hand it to a professional sharpening shop. When the knife is used daily at home, you may have to ‘refresh’ it once in a couple of months, if less often - once in a year would be enough.

If you find it difficult to sharpen your knives, or you would like them to regain their brand new sharpness, you can send them to us. We can refresh the old ones, set a new cutting edge angle to any indicated value, or adjust a new cutting edge angle by ourselves if you provide us with the information on how you use the blade.

If you would like to hand us your knives, send us an email.


We will take care of the rest.